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D.T. Iverson​

Romantic Horizons-Book One

Adventurous Horizons-Book Two

Changing Horizons-Book Three

The Modern Erotic Epic Series

Hilley's New Horizon-Book Four

Hilley's Horizon - Book Five

Hilley's Next Horizon - Book Six

Hilley's Horizons

feel the love between consenting adults!

Hilley's Next Horizon

Has Hilley met, "Mr. Right" or just "Mr. For Right Now?"  These gals have been on a winning streak will the Americas prove too big a challenge for our girls? 

Hilley continues her adventures using her cyber skills to help track ancient Roman treasure, while her BFF continues to Bonk her way around the world!  Buy it on!

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.  Aristotle

Follow the modern erotic epic series, Books 1-6  at Amazon.  

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