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D.T. Iverson

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You will follow Paul and Janey and their precocious daughter Hilley on their travels through fascinating places doing remarkable things!  Keeping their love-life just as spicy as their travels!  In books 4 -6  Hilley is all grown-up and having adventures of her own-hot, hot, hot!

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About the Authors: Our pen name D.T. Iverson represents a loving Midwestern couple, taking time out from their crazy lives to write Sexy Romance novels.  We thought many authors in this genre missed a whole section of readership by ignoring happily coupled people.  And why did the story always end, after they find each other? D. Iverson is a small town college prof who was gifted with the writing bug.  He spends his days writing in his area of expertise and his nights teaching at the local university. While his beautiful wife-T, who has many of the endowments of the heroine in our stories, spends her days running a small charity and keeping him on task. 
‚Äč They enjoy music, art, their children and grandchildren.  But must admit, writing these books together has rekindled their spark! They hope that their books give you a glimpse of the epic romance they have shared over the years.  If you enjoyed the books, please go to Amazon and leave us a review.

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