Hilley's Next Horizon-Book 6

Is this the end, can the girls save us from the H-Bomb!  Has Hilley met her match in Bed and out?

Follow the twists and turns of international  terror as Hilley and her BFF Mel save the world and themselves from looming domesticity!

Hilley's Horizon-Book 5

Has Hilley met her match, both in bed and out?  Sir Alex gives the girls their biggest assignment ever, lost treasure!  Can the girls find where it is hidden using their special talents?  More great locations and lots and lots of hot times!

Hilley's New Horizon-Book 4

What is the perfect cover? 24 yr old Hilley and her BFF-Mel couldn't possibly have anything on their minds then Jet-setting their way around the world.  Or so it would appear!  Follow these gals as they use their special talents proving the new generation is in capable hands!  Travel, spycraft and a new man around every corner!

Romantic Horizons-Book 1

Love at first sight! Our couple meet and marry in the first chapter!  Join  Janey & Paul  as their love develops in exotic locations like Bermuda, London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Mykonos and Istanbul.  Love, lust, humor, travel, a pet and real sex between two loving adults!!!!

Changing Horizons-Book 3

Paul and Janey's love affair continues with a family sailing vacation.  The end of the summer marks big changes, Hilley will be off to college and Janey wants to make sure she is ready to face a world of men!  Join Paul as he navigates the storm tossed waters of the Mediterranean and the raging hormones of the women he loves!

Adventurous Horizons - 2

Paul and Janey met & married in Book 1.  They sailed  around the Mediterranean as a new couple finding adventure and passion.  7 years later they have a daughter Helen aka: Hilley. They prove once and for all that "married with children" does not spell an end to a passionate sex-life!


D.T. Iverson

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